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Children's books featuring:

Augmented Reality

Readers are immersed in our stories through illustrations enhanced by augmented reality depictions, including sounds, of some of the books’ many exciting happenings.


Our picture book series Beneath the Reef includes code blocks, with the actions broken down into blocks of code and brought to life with movement and sounds using AR technology.

At Blue Sea Books we use augmented reality, audio augmentation and coding to engage the senses in new ways to entertain and educate. Literacy and digital literacy learning masterfully combine, bringing in a new era of thought leadership and 21st Century reading.

What is AR technology?

augmented (adjective) – made greater, more numerous, larger or more intense

Augmented Reality technology lets us use an AR device, such as a Smartphone or a Tablet, to see the real-life environment with a digital augmentation overlaid on it.

At Blue Sea Books, AR technology is incorporated into our publications. The result is storylines and illustrations that are enriched with computer-generated  animations and other digital media, such as sound.


'Augmented Reality's relative seamlessness of digital objects with the "real world" encourages interactivity and engagement.'
A wonderful contribution to children's literature and with a distinct Aussie flavour.
Editor, Tellwell Publishing

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