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Step into the Magic: Unleash Imagination with Augmented Reality Adventures!

Augmented reality in children’s books takes storytelling to a whole new level. With the power of AR, young readers can immerse themselves in interactive worlds that captivate their imagination like never before. The stories come to life, allowing kids to explore, discover, and engage in a way that traditional books simply can’t match.

Immersion into our Augmented Reality Books

A minimum setup for using augmented reality with our books may include:

  1. An Internet connection
  2. Mobile device (i.e. Smartphone or Tablet)
  3. One of our books (Blue Sea Books will have a QR Code and “markers” in some illustrations that trigger an action on the device screen via the Zapper Web AR)

Try out an Augmented Reality experience from The Smoo Room!

Children are drawn to screens and technology, making AR an effective tool for sparking an interest in reading. By combining the digital world with the written word, AR bridges the gap between technology and literature, making reading a more appealing and enjoyable activity.

Try out an Augmented Reality experience from The Jungah!

We live in a digital world, and AR technology is increasingly common in our daily lives. By introducing AR in children’s books, we help kids become familiar with this technology in a safe and educational context, preparing them for the future.