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An Augmented Reality picture book with basic coding concepts!

‘We challenge you to a shell hurling contest!’

‘If we win, you must go!’

Zoom and Stephen have fallen into a strange land beneath the reef where they meet the daring Trix Kix and the bouncy Ick Erros. The two birds desperately want the Bognicks to leave the land. But when the Bognicks look like they will win the shell hurling contest, Zoom and Stephen will have to do something special to help their new friends.

Illustrated representations of code blocks and Augmented Reality (AR) technology accompany the text in Cavoy, Cavah, Cavoo! where actions are broken down into blocks of “code” and brought to life with movement and sounds using AR technology. Literacy and digital literacy learning masterfully combine, bringing in a new era of thought leadership and 21st Century reading.

Cavoy, Cavah, Cavoo! written by Cal Devney and illustrated by Olko Vladi has been honoured as a Finalist in the 2023 International Book Awards.
Cavoy, Cavah, Cavoo! also won two categories at the 2023 Story Monsters Approved Awards:
Picture Books (Ages3-8) Fiction
Early Readers (Ages5-9) Fiction