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Picture the madness of Alice in Wonderland, the playful mischief of Peter Rabbit, and the untamed wilds of the Great Barrier Reef all rolled into one magical realm.

Book One


There is more than sand beneath the reef – much more …

Zoom is a clumsy seabird but his best mate Stephen doesn’t mind because Zoom is brave and adventurous.

Zoom and Stephen dig a hole into Zost Cay on the Great Barrier Reef and fall into the mysterious Land of the Ick Erros.

The Bognicks chase the two seabirds and challenge them to a shell-hurling contest. What will happen if Zoom and Stephen don’t win the contest?

This book is equipped with Augmented Reality (AR) technology. The book comes to life when many stunning illustrations are enlivened with movement and sound using an internet connection and a mobile device (i.e., smartphone or tablet).

The Ick Erros written by Cal Devney and illustrated by Veronika Hipolito has been honoured as a Finalist in the 2023 International Book Awards.
The Ick Erros also won three awards at the 2022 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards:
Animals/Pets category: 2nd place
Children’s Chapter Books: 2nd place
New Author (Fiction): Honourable mention
The Ick Erros is also a 2022 Story Monsters Approved Book in the Middle Grade (Ages 8-12) Fiction Category.

Book Two

Zoom and Stephen are back … and so are the Bognicks!

Zoom and Stephen plunge back into the Land of the Ick Erros to find that the Bognicks have returned and brought with them their unhappiness spray. 

To save the Ick Erros from a lifetime of unhappiness, Zoom and Stephen travel to the mucky tangled Land of the Bognicks. Will they be able to destroy the unhappiness spray?

Augmented Reality technology brings the endearing characters to life in The Smoo Room.

Book Three

Their most dangerous adventure yet  …

A quest to show friendship to the night sky chibip plants leads Zoom and Stephen to the reef off Kanngil Island. Deep in a watery den, an octopus is guarding what the two brave adventurers seek.
Zoom and Stephen soon find themselves outsized and in perilous danger. Will they make it back to the Land of the Ick Erros or have they gone too far this time?

Augmented Reality (AR) technology provides an immersive reading experience through digitally generated movement and sound.

Book Four

Solving this mystery could change everything …

From the deep ocean to a secret doughnut-shaped reef, Zoom and Stephen must confront their fears and find the clues they need.

This time Zoom and Stephen have their friends with them. But will it be enough when it comes time to face their greatest enemy?

Note: Augmented Reality (AR) experiences are not included in The Dithereens.